The comprehensive arts education that every student receives at Solvang School is based on visual and performing arts standards approved by the California Department of Education.

Varying Guest Artists
In partnership with Arts Outreach, guest instructors teach students in beginning art classes where  students learn line, color, shape and form. Students then begin to explore the world of art through different media, studying things like proportion and measurement, dimension and texture, cultures and historical periods. They create original works of art with traditional and new media opening their lives to an incredible world of creativity.
Instructor Lisa Blanton
In beginning music classes students learn simple patterns of rhythm, pitch, sing songs from memory and play simple accompaniments on classroom instruments. They create movements in response to music which helps them connect to dance and discern variations in rhythm and tempo as well as read notes and sing. In addition, 3rd grade students learn to play the recorder while 4th grade students master it.
Drama/Theatre Art
Instructor Aimee Carroll
Students will acquire an understanding of theatre arts in relation to history & culture, as well as make connections to other fields of knowledge. They do this through storytelling, play writing, improvisation, scene study, mime and learning about and understanding the various forms of theatre throughout history. In addition to performing, they also will learn the basic technical aspects of theatre, including set design and construction, lighting, costumes, make-up, and backstage etiquette.

Malia Maurer
In beginning band, they will have the opportunity to perform with their classmates for an audience in the winter and spring concerts.


Instructor Devon Espejo
Middle school students in grades 6-8 get to learn and explore art through a full spectrum of mediums.

After School Academy (ASA)
Under the direction of Carola Hecker, a parent and volunteer, the After School Academy offers students in grade K-8 the opportunity to try a variety of enrichment classes. Classes are offered throughout the year and a current listing of classes can be found in the school office or on our website.

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