Since 1996, SAM (Solvang Arts and Music, formerly known as SSEF) has been a valuable partner to Solvang School in establishing a vibrant Music and Arts Education programs for students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade by bringing in talented instructors and providing the tools and instruments to learn. The programs are integrated into regular curriculum, bringing a myriad of benefits to students who would otherwise may not have exposure to these important subjects.

SAM believes in educating the whole child – challenging their brains, cultivating their creative spirits and promoting physical wellbeing.  Due to the long partnership with Solvang School, every student benefits from studying music, art, drama and dance.  Research has proven that bi-weekly music classes and weekly art classes expand the thinking abilities of children.  The ability to think creatively is a powerful life skill.

Our goal is to provide excellent, interdisciplinary education now to nurture thoughtful and broad-minded community leaders for the future. SAM cannot end the drastic and short-sighted cuts in public school funding, but as a private partner to our public school, we can stand up for kids and advocate and work for educational excellence that include the arts. SAM is determined to keep these inspiring teachers and programs in place in an ongoing effort to enrich the lives of each or every one of our 600 students.

SAM is committed to providing every student with a full arts education.